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Type: Design & Build Mechanical Services
Client: BBC
Main Contractor: Ibex Interiors
Consultant / Designer: Mellor Bromley
Value: £550,000

Having outgrown its previous base, BBC Radio Coventry constructed a new state of the art building right in the heart of Coventry City Centre from where it will broadcast for many years to come.

The building incorporates a modern cyber café where all of our services have been installed to be deliberately on display for members of the public to see.

Our installations comprised of DX refrigeration down flow units for a substantial comms room that houses the broadcasting equipment server racks, DX refrigeration comfort cooling, domestic hot and cold water services, mechanical supply & extract ventilation systems, gas fired boiler plant providing LPHW heating, chilled water plant providing chilled water to ventilation plant, and ceiling void fan coil units to counteract the large heat gains from performances, lighting, and broadcasting equipment. A building management system was installed to ensure high quality and accurate control of all areas.

The broadcasting studios themselves were effectively rooms within rooms and were mounted on large acoustic vibration mounts to stop any unwanted noise transference, and all of our services entering these rooms had to be installed to avoid any unwanted noise transference.