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Today’s date marks the 50th Anniversary of our Company.

Mellor Bromley have a long and intriguing history, since the formation of the company in 1969.

Back in the 1960’s, Wildt Mellor Bromley were world famous for the design and manufacture of patented circular knitting machines.

To this date, there are still machines dotted around the globe, still in operation, bearing our original name.

Within the factories in which these machines operated, there was a need for heating, cooling and the conditioning of air. Seen as an opportunity to complement our machines by having the ability to provide these services, Eddie Lapidge and Arthur Blow were employed by the Company, enabling us to design, supply and install ‘Mechanical Services’ within these premises.

In March of 1969, Eddie and Arthur purchased the company. The ‘Wildt’ name was dropped and Mellor Bromley Air Conditioning Services Ltd was formally registered.

Manufacture of the knitting machines eventually ceased and the company moved forward into the Mechanical Services sector of the construction industry, trading as ‘Mellor Bromley Mechanical Services’.

Mellor Bromley would go on to expand in to the company it is today.

For a number years, the company continued to manufacture a variety of equipment and components, not least our patented spinning disc humidifier. This humidifier was a revolution and units were shipped and used all over the world, from large factory buildings to mushroom farms.

Mellor Bromley have moved with the times, working on some of the country’s most prestigious projects.

The ever-changing demands within our industry mean that we are constantly adapting our business to meet today’s climate.

With this in mind, we move forward with the ambition of continuing to provide an exceptional service to our industry.